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Nottingham – An Architectural Showcase by Lamar Francois

“Nottingham – An Architectural Showcase” by Lamar Francis, at 38 Carrington Street  23rd Apr - 17th May 19

“Nottingham – An Architectural Showcase” by Lamar Francis, at 38 Carrington Street
23rd Apr - 17th May 19

Photographer Lamar Francois speaks to NDSA on his recent exhibition

I’ve been fortunate to have been making images for the last decade as a photographer , starting out a decade ago while studying for a Maths and Physics undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham.

At the time the medium proved a invaluable cathartic release in helping me manage anxiety and also navigate the world being on the autism spectrum.

More recently I’ve developed my work into a professional practice , where I help clients to showcase what they do by making images which show off their design features , with the help of The Princes’ Trust.


My favourite photographic subject is exploring the urban landscape – particularly watching what happens when dusk and nightfall sets in – where natural sunlight fades and is replaced by lighting – and it is fascinating to compare the effects of natural and artificial lighting schemes on the urban environment , and how people respond and interact with the spaces.

For me photography is both an art and a science and I enjoy both facets of the medium – with the built environment I enjoy exploring geometric forms in the lines as well as seeing how light works in a practical sense , as designed to promote certain features in the built environment .

For the Urban Room, I wanted to present a snapshot of the variety of styles and design languages of architectural projects that can be found within Nottingham

20190510_1915 (1).jpg

Exhibited was a range from the more classic work of TC Hine and Cecil Howitt to work by contemporary practices such as Lewis & Hickey and CPMG . The images were taken during late December – which also meant that I was able to showcase how some buildings would look under night lights – leading to some fascinating results.

My experience of exhibiting with the Urban Room at 38 Carrington Street was a very positive one

I chose the venue as I was keen on showcasing the images to those within the Built Environment industry , with many RIBA CPD meetings and conferences hosted within it. The space itself was a good size well as being a welcoming place – and the short shelves which were installed vastly simplified the display of the work as no framing was needed , as well as facilities for snacks for guests – which was also very helpful.

The images which I’ve showcased have been very well received by those who have seen it during my open Evenings , with lots of positive feedback , and media interest.

20190503_1868 (1).jpg

I’ve been asked to give some further talks on my urban landscape documents with Nottingham Speakers Club in June.

I’ve also been able to license some images which I made of the Lenton Gardens project to JTP Placemaking , in addition to the one I displayed for them to use in their practice case studies and marketing materials.


I’m looking forward to exploring more of the world around me and doing work in different cities - as well as developing my practice with the Built Environment – in particular I aim to be able to visit London’s Open House in September this year.

I’m aiming to launch a book documenting my take on Nottingham , including looking at the urban landscape as well as many street scenes later this year.

For more information and to see more of Lamar’s work, please visit

Paul MacMahon